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Version 1.0


        Handy Application Maker has become a Rapid Application Development (R.A.D) Software Tool Set. It provides set of versatile tools to create database software solution. Originally, it serves as a purpose for non-programmer or user with little programming knowledge to easily create database software project. It has been upgraded with more complete features to create enterprise database solution. The internal engine has been modified from single-thread-model to multiple-thread-model, which allows multi-tasking environment. It still provides tools for user to create forms for data processing without coding. Overall, the vision and objectives are still the same since the first version 1.0.

        The latest version provides dual modes:window mode and web mode to run the final product. Traditionally, window mode runs the application by window-based. Each screen is display in window. Whereas for web mode, an Internet browser is required to display screen content. There is a built-in web server for web mode. User must click the "Start Server" button to start the server. User can choose to create a window-based program, or web-based application. (NOTE: To build a dual-mode application, certain things must be noted and properly taken care of. Refer to the demo program, which is design for dual-mode)

        HAMMER Script is a scripting model. User can create script to further enhance the program functionality, or to modify the generated form to further customize the project. HAMMER Script syntax is not complicated principally. It consists of 25 commands, combining with different arguments to perform more than 600 functions and features. E.g. to show a message box with "Hello HAMMER Script", simply input
            `prompt "Hello HAMMER Script"
where `prompt is the command and the text is an argument. To prompt a question box,
            `prompt "Is HAMMER Script useful?" q
where 'q' is the second argument, which also works for 'question'. E.g.
            `prompt "Is it easy to learn?" question
Likewise, input 'w' or 'warning' will show a warning message box, 'e' or 'error' to show error message box. Basically, by applying HAMMER Script, many functions can be performed. E.g. changing button color, edit button text, setting and storing variable value, file I/O operation, database connection and execution, etc. There is a learning curve but it's quite straight forward.

        Conclusion, Handy Application Maker provides a quick and easy way to start a software project, even a project that is totally new. It provides set of tools to create database tables and fields, and to create form that handles records and transaction. These tools coordinate and cooperate to each other to give full support for software developers to build robust, reliable and quality software. It shorten the time of coding and testing phase in the software engineering model. Furthermore, it reduces the complexity of the process of creating, modifying and upgrading a custom-built program. It saves a lot of time and resources, and it is fast for any database projects development and delivery.

        Another good thing is it can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc (Java supported Operating System). It is built by Java and is multi-platform supported. It works with JDBC supported database. E.g. Commercial database like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, or open source database like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Derby, HSQLDB, etc. Moreover, in web mode, mobile OS with browser are supported. The HTML generated applies the standard tag, which supports for mobile device browser.

Dual-Mode Screens:

main screen (window)


main page (web)

Last Updated: 21 Feb 2012
This website is created by Handy Application Maker Web II.5 (web-mode)